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    Litecoin (LTC) went live in 2011, and is similar to Bitcoin, with the added advantage of being faster and cheaper to transfer. If you are holding this cryptocurrency and want to make some gains from selling a portion of your investment, then you will want to know how to do it and the best places to go.

    You can trade Litecoin on many platforms and in a variety of ways. Selling your digital currency is fairly straightforward, and you can usually do it from the exchange platform where you hold your Litecoin. If you have opted to hold your currency in a digital wallet, then you can also opt for a different platform to complete your transaction. Simply register with them, ensuring that they operate within your jurisdiction, and you are ready to sell. You can be asked to provide personal information and will need to link your bank account if you wish to withdraw the money.

    You can then transfer your Litecoin from either your wallet or the current exchange where you are storing them. You can opt to sell your currency for a variety of fiat currencies, like Euro, or exchange them for other digital currencies. If you are selling for fiat currency, then be sure to check out the prevailing exchange rates and any applicable charges, which will normally be displayed on an overview page.

    Follow the onsite instructions to complete the sale of your Litecoin, press the sell button and wait! The cash will be transferred to your account once the transaction is completed. You can then move it to your actual bank account ready for withdrawal. Remember that any transaction with cryptocurrencies holds an inherent risk, so always do some research before you sell.