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    Ethereum – A next-generation platform at the very forefront of digital currency.

    Ethereum is an open-source software platform based on blockchain technology and is one of the top three cryptocurrencies available today. However, Ethereum offers much more than the average digital currency.

    The Ethereum software project started in early 2014, and like Bitcoin, it is a distributed public network. As it enables developers to build decentralized applications on top of the platform, there are some significant differences between the two currencies.

    Ethereum uses the same blockchain-based technology as Bitcoin, but it has expanded capabilities, with its own payment systems and coding language.

    So What Is Ethereum?

    The Ethereum blockchain has some far-reaching and remarkable potential. The Ethereum blockchain works by miners earning Ether, the crypto token that fuels the platform. Where Bitcoin remains just a currency, the Ethereum platform can also be used by developers to fund transaction fees and other services on the network.

    Ethereum has a functional approach, where people can also use Ether to run their applications and build smart contracts. This enables them to create their own markets, move funds, and even to design and issue a personal digital currency. Unlike Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency is not restricted, and the same amount of new Ether is currently produced each year, although this may change in the future.

    How To Use Ethereum?

    Smart contracts are written in code and then uploaded to the blockchain. As decentralized applications are made up purely of these codes, they are entirely independent of any central control and are fully autonomous. In the cryptocurrency world, this makes it secure from any third party intervention and corruption proof. The smart contracts themselves govern the consensus rules. Volunteers, known as nodes, enforce these rules and receive rewards in return. Companies and individuals can create, connect, and use their own blockchain, or use the technology in their work. The capacity and efficiency of the platform have already attracted huge interest from major companies like AMD, JP Morgan Chase, and Microsoft.

    However, Ethereum also functions as a cryptocurrency much like any other. The Ether tokens can be mined, or bought and sold, just as you would any currency. You can invest in Ethereum by visiting one of the many online digital exchange services available. Just find one that is within your jurisdiction, sign up, and fund your account via bank transfer or credit card. You will then store your Ether in a wallet, which can be provided by the exchange itself. Alternatively, you can buy Ether via peer-to-peer transactions, either in person or online. Then you can follow one of the two basic trading strategies, and either buy and hold them or take part in some active speculative trading.

    Ethereum Price Prediction

    Ethereum has quickly reached the top three cryptocurrencies and is moving steadily forward. Because it is an extremely user-friendly platform, it enables people to harness the power of blockchain technology easily. It has the potential to influence multiple industries from private finance to public healthcare. As these companies progress in their evaluation of blockchain platforms, Ethereum is rapidly becoming the market leader with its ground-breaking technology and functionality.

    Although its value is currently not as high as Bitcoin, it has exciting future potential. The success of Ethereum primarily rests on the quality of the apps being launched. Ethereum also has the potential of developing to allow apps to be produced by people without any technical knowledge. Like other digital currencies, Ether can be prone to wild fluctuations in value and is extremely volatile. However, many experts agree that the technology is capable of revolutionizing both industry and the internet. For this reason, they are predicting that Ether will continue to increase in value and more likely than not, overtake Bitcoin as the top cryptocurrency.