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What is Stellar?

All you need to know to understand Stellar and Lumens (XLM)

The Stellar network is a distributed blockchain ledger that handles the transferring of cross-assets of value, such as payments. The native digital currency of Stellar is named Lumens or XLM.

Stellar is the network handling the payments and Luemsn (XLM) is the cryptocurrency. Both the network and the cryptocurrency is overseen by the non-profit organization Stellar.org.

Stellar was initially based on the same protocol as Ripple.

The main USP:s for Stellar is:

  • The network is an open source and community-owned network used for facilitating a cross-asset transfer of value.
  • Stellar can handle the change of hands of both Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • The transaction fee is very low.
  • Transaction speeds are utterly fast, very much like Ripple.
  • The organization behind Stellar is centralized, but the network is decentralized.
    This is considered by many as the best of both worlds since the decisions regarding the network are easier to make, but the network itself is still decentralized and cannot be controlled by one single authority.

One of the noteworthy partnerships for Stellar is IBM, who recently decided to build their blockchain on Stellar technology.

All of the above makes Stellar an interesting investment opportunity.

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